Badass Marathon Runners

The Boston Marathon, also known as Marathon Monday, is one week from today!   I know I should never say never, but the likelihood of me running that marathon, or any marathon for that matter, is never.  However, when I lived in NYC I was fortunate enough to be a frequent visiter (whoop whoop long distance relationship) … Continue reading Badass Marathon Runners

Hydrate to Stay Great

If you are physically active at all, you know to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Preferably with water.  But WHYYYY?! Water/fluid helps regulate your internal body temperature and helps maintain blood volume so that everything runs smoothly.  The reason you sweat when you are hot is to cool down your insides.  You will want to make sure … Continue reading Hydrate to Stay Great

Onions, Why Are You Always Making Me Cry?

Onions.  I mean, why not make the most unpopular, but used more than any other vegetable in my kitchen, first to talk about?! BECAUSE THEY'RE THE UNDERDOG!  I love the underdog.  They're usually down to earth, don't think too highly of themselves, always having to start from the bottom to get to the top. They … Continue reading Onions, Why Are You Always Making Me Cry?