Nutrition Coaching Sessions

Nutrition Preferred aims to make a positive impact on anyone who is looking to gain or enhance their knowledge on any of the following:

Weight Management

Cardiovascular Health

Gut Health

Disease Prevention

Sports Nutrition

Day to day Nutrition for Individuals/Families

Initial 1 hour session – $85

The first meeting is for us to discuss your nutrition goals/wants/needs/wishes.  Included in this session is a personalized meal plan based on your individual energy needs and food preferences.

30 minute follow up sessions- $45

Follow up sessions are recommended for a chance to review goals and go over achievements and challenges so far for further development.

Other services offered- $50 per service

Strategies on grocery store shopping, meal prepping, shopping on a budget, introducing a dietary change into a lifestyle (i.e. going gluten free, vegetarian, etc), and/or anything else you have a concern about.

Email to set up your initial appointment or to ask any questions regarding services offered!