Nutrition Preferred Services

Currently all sessions are via telehealth! To book an appointment go here!

Nutrition Preferred aims to make a positive impact on anyone who is looking to gain or enhance their knowledge on any of the following:

  • Pediatric Nutrition
  • Gut Health/GI Issues (ulcerative colitis, IBD, IBS, SIBO)
  • Disease Prevention
  • Preteen/Teenager Health
  • Weight Management
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Pre/Postpartum Nutrition
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Day to Day Nutrition for Individuals/Families


Pricing below includes individual and a Sidekick Discount – Bring a spouse, family member, partner or friend to the sessions with you for a reduced cost while each receiving individualized plans.

Initial 1 hour session – $145/$195

The first meeting is for us to discuss your nutrition goals/wants/needs/wishes.  Included in this session is a personalized nutrition plan based on your individual energy needs and food preferences.

30 minute follow up sessions- $65/$95

Follow up sessions are recommended for a chance to review goals and go over achievements and challenges so far for further development

Weekly Meal Planner – $25/Month

Access to weekly meal plans that are specific to your goals, needs, and tastes. Provides grocery store lists and tips and tricks on meal prepping for the week. *Initial session required for meal planner access.


Three Session Package – $250/$325

Initial session + two follow up sessions + meal reviews

4 Follow Up Session Package – $220/$340

Four 30 minute follow ups after initial session + meal reviews

One Bite at a Time Package – $650

Feeling completely overwhelmed by nutrition and want a little extra support? This package includes a total of 6 meetings with each session building upon the last and email support for questions, meal planner, as well as meal and product reviews.

Corporate Nutrition Services

When working in a very corporate environment for 9 years I heard daily that the desk job, long hours, and constant quick food grabs were taking a toll on my coworkers bodies.  I offer presentations that can help give your employees tips and tricks on how to eat properly to manage cholesterol levels, weight, blood pressure, stress, and inflammation.  Healthy habits will also prevent illnesses to keep your employees in the office instead of at the doctor.

*Please contact for pricing

Extra services offered

Extras! Additional $85 for each.

Strategies on grocery store shopping meal prepping, shopping on a budget, introducing a dietary change into a lifestyle (i.e. going gluten free, vegetarian, etc), pantry clean up, and/or becoming more sustainable. Other needs and ideas accepted!

email to book your appointment!

Insurance/Payments accepted

Most insurance companies are now reimbursing their members for all or part of their visit! If you are interested in having your insurance company reimburse you, let me know! I will email you a completed form called a super bill after our meeting that you will turn in and they will send a check right to you. Because different plans allow coverage for different things, it is best to check with your insurance company prior to our visit if you are relying on insurance to cover it all.

Able to accept payment by check, debit/credit card, or HSA/FSA cards.