Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition

Growing and providing for a baby is hard work, make the nutrition side easier.

How can Nutrition Preferred help you?

crop pregnant woman with apple

Prenatal Nutrition

Learn how to fuel your body and baby during a time of crazy food aversions and cravings

Eating to gain the appropriate amount of weight during pregnancy

Learn about foods that are extra healthy for baby

Prevent gestational diabetes and/or hypertension during pregnancy

Feel your best during pregnancy

Postpartum Nutrition

Help with losing weight gained during pregnancy

Fueling your body properly to sustain breastfeeding

Help with planning out meals that are quick and healthy

Number of Sessions Recommended for Long Term Success:

Prenatal: Depending on what is going on, either 1 for an overall healthy overview of what to eat during pregnancy so you feel confident in your decisions. If there is anything else going on such as hypertension or disordered eating during pregnancy, I recommend a session every month up to a session every week of pregnancy.

Postpartum: The average is between 1 – 3 sessions. If looking for weight loss, sometimes 5 or more are needed for monthly check in’s for accountability.

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