Renew Postpartum Support

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Postpartum Support through Nutrition, Movement, and Nourishment. Learn more about the collaboration (here) and each of the three Richmond Owned Women Small Businesses: Nutrition Preferred, Kate Uncorked, and Niche Pilates Studio.

Three levels where each Mom can find their place. To purchase, click on which tier you are interested in to be directed to Niche’s Mighty Network site which provides checklists and additional (simple) instructions.

  • Movement:Two 30 min Postnatal Workouts by Niche On Demand
  • Nutrition: A guide to postpartum nutrition including specific nutrients to incorporate into your diet and the foods that contain them
  • Nourish: 10 Recipes following Nutrition Preferred Guidelines by Kate Uncorked

  • Movement: One 50 min private session at Niche Pilates Studio + written recommendations for participating in other workouts
  • Nutrition: One hour virtual, private consult with Cayla at Nutrition Preferred
  • Nourish: Mommy meal plan by Kate Uncorked (1- 2 days worth of food)

  • Nutrition: Initial Private Consult + 2 Private follow ups
  • Nourish: Mommy meal plan (1-2 days of food)+ two weeks of Le Plan food service
  • Movement: 2- 50 Minute In Studio Private Sessions