Nutrition is my preferred way of maintaining a healthy body from the inside out.  I feel that with proper nutrition the body flourishes. From healthy bones, healthy blood, to healthy organs, so that it is reflected on the outside with healthy skin, healthy body weight, and most importantly, a healthy quality of life. When the body can preform because it is properly nourished, medical costs go down and energy levels go up meaning you have more time spent doing the things that you love!  So WHY can’t nutrition fix everything?!

Nutrition Preferred provides an evidenced based approach to reach your individual, unique nutrition goals by offering one on one sessions either in person in Richmond, VA or on the phone.  Visit the Nutrition Services page for more information.   Also make sure to catch up on the current discussions that are going on in the nutrition world as well as healthy recipes and nutrition facts on the blog portion of NP called Carter Talks.

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Carter Talks Blog

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